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Hand Painted Cards

I am sitting here at my computer, working on my website,thinking about all the projects I have in the air right now, and wishing I was painting. I have been wanting to paint for weeks now, but have not had a minute to sit down and work. My brain is swimming with ideas, but I can't get them out. This is a time when I break out the watercolor cards and start putting down some paint. Most of my cards are Chinese Brush Painting, some turn out good enough to sell and some end up as scrach paper. It is great just to work out ideas for larger pieces that I may do later.

This is a card I did for practice on painting wisteria. The painting that came from this has a humming bird in it. I ended up sending this one to my dad for Father's Day. I really love how it turned out.

Cards that are hand painted are really a great deal. You can give someone and original piece of art, signed by the artist for a fraction of the price of a painting. If you give them a frame as a gift, you have just given someone a framed peice of art. My hand painted cards seem to go for 10-15 dollars. I am doing sets now, one original and 5 prints for 25 dollars. Send out the 5 and keep the orginal. What a deal!!! My paintings go for 40-60 in that size.

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