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Guinan's Gallery Blog 3-4-2023

Welcome to Guinan's Gallery pic of the week.

This blog is about our pic of the week, which comes from our current show in the main gallery.

Guinan's Gallery is an online gallery that shows and sells visual art pieces by the Guinans and their friends. There is photograph, drawings, and paintings on the site for sale in the Original Shop and prints are available in the Print Shop. Every month we have a new show up in the main gallery and this month it is Urban Landscape, a photography show.

This photograph is called "Public Transit" by Rick Guinan. It definitely has that urban feel. The colors are vivid even though it is a night shot. Rick has a remarkable ability to capture light in motion, which he does very well in this photograph. It also has a mysterious quality. This photograph is a great example of what this new show has to offer. To see the full photograph check it out here.

See the whole show while you can. More than 20 beautiful urban landscape photographs to see and appreciate. Let us know which one is your favorite.

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