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The Crystal Spring Rhododendron Garden is another reason I still Love Portland, Oregon.

A lake with a path going around it.  The water reflexs the tree growing on the other side and there is a fountain spraying water.
Water Feature at Crystal Springs

Nestled in Portland, Oregon, the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is a botanical paradise that captivates visitors with its natural splendor and horticultural excellence.

The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden boasts an impressive collection of over 2,500 rhododendrons, azalea, and companion plants. Established in 1950, the garden has since evolved into a living canvas of color and texture, showcasing diverse species and hybrids. Visitors are treated to a visual feast, especially during the peak blooming season from April to May, when the garden is awash with vibrant hues.

This botanical gem spans over 9.5 acres, offering a tranquil escape within the bustling city. The thoughtfully designed landscape features winding paths, serene water features, and charming bridges, creating an immersive experience that encourages exploration and reflection. The garden's lush, verdant environment supports a variety of wildlife, making it a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike.

A close up of a duck on a pond.  The duck has a green head with a yellow bill and a white strip around it's neck.  It's body is white and gray.
Mallard on a pond

The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden holds a rich cultural and educational significance. It serves as a testament to the dedication and passion of the Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, who have meticulously curated and maintained the garden for decades. Additionally, the garden offers educational programs, guided tours, and seasonal events, fostering a deeper appreciation for horticulture and conservation among visitors of all ages.

A clear stream of water meanders down through the landscape downstream from a bridge that arches over the water.
The creek looks up to the bridge.

In essence, the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is not just a garden, but an ever-evolving masterpiece that nurtures both the soul and the senses, inviting all who enter to bask in its serene beauty and botanical wonders. It is definitely worth a visit.


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