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Pic of the Week 3-11-2023

Our pic of the week is called, "Bridges." This photograph is one of my own and it

is all about the beautiful light that happens at dusk. We look over the downtown urban landscape and down the Willamette River. Here you can see three bridges that cross over the river connecting the east and west sides of Portland Oregon. When we look deeper into this photograph we can see mountains in the distance.

Guinan's Gallery picked this pic of the week because it is a good example of an Urban Landscape. It shows the downtown skyscrapers leading down to the river, and then over the city into the mountains in the distance. I love the dusky light that is reflected in the water of the river and is also reflexed off of the building in the downtown area. They are like rocks in the wilderness.

This is not the whole photograph, but just a taste of what the full photograph can offer. To see the complete photograph click here. Come and check out all of these amazing photographs in the Urban Landscape show.