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On My Walks This Week

I have been posting on various social media sites, my photographs that I take on my walks. #onmywalktoday and #onmywalk. I try to walk everyday and there are somedays that I don't see anything that inspires me to take out my phone and snap a picture, but most of the time I do experience a moment that moves me to capture it. I thought that once a week I would create a blog post about these moments that I experience on my walks that week and why I was moved to take a photograph capturing it.

Here we go. This is the first one that I want to share. It is called Oak Leaf and The Frost. We had some frosty mornings this week and this was one of them. I love the way the leaves look like that are reaching for each other in the frozen grass. I was also moved by the light on the leaves.

This second one is called Raindrops on Petals. It is early March and here in the great northwest that means cherry blossoms. I love the cherry blossoms here and they alway inspire me. These beauties inspired me with their delicate color and the raindrops look so amazing clinging to the petals. This beauty does not last long so we have to enjoy them while that last!

I will be taking my cannon down to the river front this weekend to check out the Japanese cherry trees down by the water in the wind storm that is predicted on Saturday. Stay tuned for more cherry blossoms next week!

Walking is a great way to see the beauty in the world. You see so much more when you get out of your car and walk. So walk as soon as you can and as much as you can so you too can enjoy the beauty all around us.

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