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All Creatures Great and Small, a photograpy show.

Guinan's Gallery has a new show. It is all about animals. This beautiful show has some interesting photographs of animals, that have captured a moment in time of these animals lives. The photograph above is of a couple of Galapagos Flamingos getting ready to land by a salty lake to feed and was take from across the lake. It is a great capture of a moment in time. I love that you can see the colors under the flamingos wings.

There are more photographs like this one, that were taken by Rick and Christy Guinan. They capture these animals do their own thing. Some are dancing, some are flying, some are eating. It is fun to get up close to these amazing creatures. All the animal lovers will love these beautiful photographs.

This show will run thru the month of February. All the photographs in this show are available for sale in the print shop. There are prints available on canvas, paper, phone covers, bags and pillows and more. You can check out the show at .

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