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A Different Time

We are living though a different time to say the least. Photography can take you to a different time all together. That is the magic of photography. Photographs are like a time machine to the past. When you are blue they can make you feel happier, or sometimes sadder, but always grateful to have that photograph, still saved in our phone, computer or even printed and hanging on the wall. Go look at one of your favorite pictures and remember back to when we could hug each other. We will have a time like that back soon. A time when we can hug each other again, soon. It will seem familiar to us, but it will never be the same ever again. We are changed by what we have experienced.

Go and take picture. Document your life, before you forget the details. These are Different Times.

Check out our new show "Warming". See what kinds of feeling you have as you look at the photographs by Christy and Rick Guinan.

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