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Terms and Agreement for Showing at Guinan's Gallery

Thank you so much for consistering Guinan's Gallery to show your artwork.  This process is very easy.  Please fill out the application on our application page and then email a digital photo your work that you are submitting to  Please read though our agreement for artist below.  By checking the box you are in agreement with our terms.

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Terms and Agreements

  1. All Artist are permitted to submit only artwork that was create by the person submitting the artwork.  

  2. If a piece of artwork has been submitted for a show with Guinan's Gallery, you are in agreement that we are allowed to show your artwork on our website for as long as the show remain listed on

  3. All Artists showing work at Guinan's Gallery will have their own website to process digital payments.

  4. All sales from any Guinan's Gallery shows will be directed to the Artist's web page for processing.

  5. All Artists showing at Guinan's Gallery are responsible for getting their sold artwork to the purchaser.

  6. All Artists showing at Guinan's Gallery have the option to post an image of the piece in the show to the Guinan's Gallery Print Shop.

  7. Artists that would like to post their artwork image in the Print Shop will receive 15% of the sale price and Guinan's Gallery will receive 5% of the sales price.  These orders will be fulfilled by Guinan's Gallery Print Shop.

  8. Art that the artist agrees to post in Guinan's Gallery Print Shop will only stay posted until the show ends and is no long the featured show on the home page. Once the show ends the artwork image will be taken out of the Print Shop.  Guinan's Gallery has three business days to remove said artwork image from the Print Shop.

  9. Artwork must be submitted one week prior to the shows opening date, or it will not be considered.

  10. All shows will remain up for at least six month, but only the current show will be on the homepage.  All other shows can be viewed as a subpage of the current show's page.


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions please contract Christy Guinan.


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