Times are Hard, and Just Getting Harder

Right now things are really hard. I thought that working from home and doing distance learning with my kids was hard enough, but now I have lost my job of 4 years because I could not come into the office more than once a week. Now things are getting harder. Trying to find a job in these COVID times is not going to be easy. I do feel lucky that I had a job as long as I did.

To help me cope with everything I turn to Art. I have made a knitted had and a watercolor card so far. I still need that final finishing touches on the watercolor card, but the hat is done. Art is always my refuge. Playing music also helps me cope with the crazy world. I have quite the collection of sting instruments now. I have a full-size acoustic guitar and a classical guitar, a Soprano Ukeleley, a Baraton Uk, a guitarlet, and an electric mandolin and I have had fun playing them all.

I have been thinking about starting my own Transaction Coordiation LLC. That way I could work at Guinan's Gallery and TC work as well. I will keep you posted. I am trying to take at least two weeks off for my mental health. I feel like this summer work volume put me through to ringer.

I am glad that the election is over! Now I can get back on Facebook again! See you soon on Facebook and Twitter.