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Finding New Places

This weekend we went up to Mount Hood to stay and visit some family that was staying there for vacation. I though we could check out something new on the mountain that we have not seen yet.

Most people that live in Portland, think that they have seen Mount Hood. Well try a new trail that you have not done before. They really are hardly any trails that you won't find some people already there camping or hiking, because it is such a beautiful place to explore. Rick and I did find a new place to explore that was so breathtakingly beautiful the photographs don't look real. The place is called Little Crater Lake, and it was formed by sinking ground and a spring that fed into the whole that was left. The little lake is over 40 feet down and the water is so clear that you can see to the bottom. There is no swimming aloud, to keep this little jewel pristine.

Here are some photos to enjoy of this beautiful place, tucked away on Mount Hood.